Mishka Cosmetics was made for YOU

Mishka Cosmetics is a World-Class Beauty and Personal Care family-owned business that is rapidly expanding with different cosmetics and skin care products specifically tailored for YOU, the everyday woman. 

The brand's inspiration is the owners' baby daughter Mishka who was diagnosed with MCDK from birth and is healthily living on a single kidney. 

The way that Mishka Cosmetics value life is shared within every product that they create.

They don't test on animals. Their products are 100% guaranteed cruelty-free. And their products are also Paraben-free.

One of the Mishka Cosmetic's main philosophies, aside from valuing life, is ENJOYING A COLORFUL WORLD. That's why YOU'll notice that their products are made for all skin types. The different shades of the Mishka Cosmetics Lip Tints were individually formulated to blend in and express the colorful personality of the wearer.

The formulas for their cosmetic and skin care products were achieved through state-of-the-art organic based technology and ingredients which were made and sourced from Japan and Korea - popularly known as the best beauty manufacturers in the world. This supports their aim to be amongst the World’s Best Makeup, the World’s Best Cosmetics, and the World’s Best Skin Care brand that supports every type of woman’s needs and bring out the confidence in you.