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Why Natural Lips are the Most Attractive?

We all have different features, especially on our lips! It is as unique as our fingerprints, only you can have it and no one else can have the same shape as your lips. Your lips are also sensitive, that is why taking care of them is very essential. Do not exclude them with your skin care, sis! Trends like lip fillers and lip enhancement are what women are fond of dreaming about now because of celebrities who influence them, and also to people opening their minds to these kinds of sensitive topics. I admit, there is no wrong in undergoing one, but, what makes your natural lips more attractive? 

 Girl, if you are into science and research, you might find it very informative! Studies have found that most people find natural lips more attractive. Did you know people often look at your eyes and lips first when they are trying to communicate with you? Yes, it is! Also, another study shows that eye-tracking devices found that viewers spend more time looking at their lips especially when someone’s talking. With these, it has been associated that a lip proportion where the upper lip and the lower lip are proportionate is more attractive and has been known as the ‘golden ratio, than those lips who are showing fuller lower lip and thinner upper lip, associated as less attractive. Surprisingly, people are now setting aside beauty standards and rules because of the different preferences when it comes to beauty and lips. It is an eye opener to be aware and advocate anti-discrimination amongst women and men, and other gender preferences when it comes to their features.

Any lip shade is very beautiful and it coincides with your features. The shape of your face, the shape of your eyes, and your nose will be beautiful as well because of your lips. The key to becoming attractive is to learn how to be confident! Always be positive and always flaunt yourself. People will look at you as beautiful if you believe that you are beautiful too! Take care of yourself, have self-love, and cherish everything that has been given to you.

What is your lip shape, sis? Comment down below and give us a thumbs up! Try using our lip tints by clicking here for your everyday makeup look! 
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