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Which Is Better: Local or International Cosmetics?

Brand preferences differ from person to person. Just like me! I do have a preferred brand that is suitable to my liking and I know you do too! Comment down below your favorite lip tint brand and shade! Some brands can be manufactured and formulated by other countries that are owned by international and influential people. It is quite similar in the Philippines, some cosmetic brands are owned by artists, singers, and influencers which made them more famous than the others. The question is, was it worth it? What brand do you buy? Is it worth the money? If you are wondering, let me help you see the dissimilarities between local and international cosmetics. Scroll down below sis!

Price Range

  • Look at your wallets! See how much money you have and budget it! The price range of international and local cosmetics has a huge gap! Most of the international cosmetics are sold in dollars $ which means, when it is exchanged into peso rate, it will not just be doubled, but it will be x55! Yes! It is so expensive that you’ll be shocked by it. Although some people will still buy and can afford it, it is very unnecessary when you can use local cosmetics, right? Local cosmetics are affordable because of their less hassle and money-worry-free characteristics.


  • If you’re not a fan of online shops because of uncertainty to attain a well-packaged product, then you should read this! International brands may be available here, but some high-ends can only be ordered online. Imagine the shipping fees and the arrival date, babes! If you watch vlogs, some say that their item arrived after a month or more. So hassle right? In local cosmetics, you can also buy it online, but several platforms like Shopee and Lazada are available, in just one week, you’ll get your tints. You can also see it in every makeup category at the mall. Your excitement won’t fade!


  • Plastic bottles, glass, jars, and airless bottles are known for both local and international cosmetics. We cannot argue with this, but if the packaging is more luring, expect its quality as the best! Packaging of products also allows people to have an impression of it. If your pigment is good, make sure so is your packaging! It is up to you what brand is beautiful. The product is beautiful in the eyes of the beholder, dear! Go for it.

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