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Are Lip Tints Meant For You?

Lip Tints are known to be lip products that usually have organic and natural ingredients to keep the moisture and nourishment of the lips. The fame of this product was influenced by Koreans or the K-beauty industry. Many women (including me, of course!) loved the product as it is multi-use; it is very compact, that is why it is always handy for everyday use. What is the reason to not love this product, right? But I got a whole lote reason to love this product: Mishka Cosmetics! (Yaaaaaay!)

Mishka Cosmetics has released its very own Lip Tint Line that we would all love to know about. As we aim to bring back confidence in every woman, we wanted to value life and color, too. That is why with that philosophy, we wanted to produce a product that wouldn't harm anyone, anybody, and anything. The products are all safe for all ages and it is not harsh on the skin as we wanted to maintain the youthfulness and glow of your skin. We just wanted to add a little flush of color to anyone for a colorful every day.

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The main purpose of Lip Tints is to give color to the lips. But with the trend that Koreans introduced, they have also taught us to use these lip tints on the cheeks and eyelids. In that way, we can achieve a Monochrome Look as we have applied the same color base for lips, cheeks, and eyelids. This is why we are raving about this product because we don't need to purchase multiple items. In that way, we can carry this one product all the time and it is pocket-friendly. It can fit in a pocket. Aside from that, it is great that Mishka Cosmetics came up with packaging for their lip tint to be in a bottle that has a doe-foot applicator, which makes it easier to apply even for beginners.

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