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What is Lip Art? | by Mishka Cosmetics

We girls do like some shapes and colors in our life! That is why we use makeup, sis! But, why should your nails have all the fun when we can do it on your lips? It is about time that we introduce and popularize lip art as well! We all know lip art is only used for professional and for content, some say we cannot even go out with it daily. Well, these days, it has been a fad, especially when movies and series like Euphoria struck many people and use blue lip art pretty hard. With that, lip art seems to be at the front row in the beauty industry with all the brands producing a wider variety of colors and not just pinks, nudes, and reds. 

For those who like to go overboard and enjoy being extra, lip art is for you! Forget pinkish and reddish lipsticks or tints and be adventurous in trying to put art into your makeup. Stepping away from average liners, lip tints, and glosses, lip artists like you will be using all colors of the rainbow and using everything from glitters to rhinestones. If you want to go hard you can use spikes and sprinkles, depending on your mod, babe! It will surely create a masterpiece that will entirely rewrite the statement of lip art. This might be unusual for now, but let it be your statement, and never be scared to show how creative you are. 

Did you know you can also achieve lip art by just using your tints? Yes! With Mishka Cosmetics having varieties of shades and colors, you can make whatever you want! Just grab your small brush and paint your lips the way you want, dear! 

Unlike nail art, lip art is much more difficult to make and wear, but it will certainly have a great visual impact on people. That is the frontier of the makeup industry, the trend focuses on the mouth that is decorated and is considered art. You can paint starry night on your lips as well! Or if you like any other art, you can always search for inspiration, but do not fear to try your imagination too! Now, many people do this without fear and you should be proud to be part of this trend. 

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