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What Does Kissing Do To Your Lips?

Who does not love to kiss, right? And what does it love to kiss? Here are some reasons people are into kissing: (Because who doesn't, right? Kidding aside ;) )

  1. It releases or boosts happy hormones
  2. It reduces anxiety
  3. It relieves stress
  4. It even burns calories
  5. It increases self-esteem or confidence
  6. It helps the blood circulate more like the heart rate increases
  7. Increases the kilig (butterflies in the tummy feeling) factor in your relationship
  8. And also improves the immune system (Yes, you read it right!)

Those are just some good things that we can get from kissing (might be unbelievable, I know, but yes, it is true) But aside from those, eventually, you can have lip discoloration caused by kissing too much. The reason for that is: Lips are getting dry due to kissing. Given that reason, do not panic! Mishka Cosmetics has got you covered and to the rescue to give that Natural Looking Lips glow once again. And how is that? With the help of advanced-technology formulation and its special ingredients, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera, maintain the hydration, moisture, and softness of the lips.

As Mishka Cosmetics truly cares for your skin, we wanted to keep your lips looking healthy and nourished as we released a shade that looks all-natural. Check out our shades here. Our Lip Tints also leave a stain of color on your lips that make your lips look naturally pink.

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Aside from releasing all-natural colors, Mishka Cosmetics Lip Tints are smudge-proof and transfer-proof, so the color will last even if you wear it before kissing. But wait, there's more! Another bonus from Mishka Cosmetics: it has no bitter taste and it has a fruity scent. You'll love it, as much as we fell in love with it, too. And take note: it is long-lasting! Long-lasting means way loooong lasting.

You might want to check out the reviews of our lovely ladies here. So what are you waiting for? Be part of our growing family! Grab your best shade on this link or check it out through Shopee!

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