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Three Secrets to a Mask-Proof Beauty Look!

Since the pandemic hit the world, face masks are required and necessary when going out to public places now that quarantines have been lifted. The truth is, that you miss going outside and looking pretty! Right? That is why we do our best to make every night out the best we ever had! Of course, you remove your mask when you meet people, especially at restaurants, and it is not pleasing if they see your face makeup smudge! This only means we cannot do the typical glam we used to do! Because of the pandemic and the usage of face masks, we learned how to cope with and innovate new ideas for smudge-free and mask-friendly makeup!

Using thick makeup while wearing a face mask can cause irritations, acne, and rash due to its friction. Here are some secrets to a mask-proof beauty look!

Your Skin Care

Always remember that flawless makeup starts with a skincare routine and preparation! Always wash your face with a cleanser two to three times a day to avoid build-ups of oil. Make sure that your skin is well moisturized and avoid using over-the-counter antibiotics or cortisone treatments for it can cause irritation to your skin, especially when using face masks. For those who have sensitive skin or acne-prone skin, always use the right foundation made for your skin. Research and look at the back of every foundation product to see their formulations. Avoid using too much for it can cause build-ups of oil and the product which may lead to pimples!. Also, choose the right skin care products for you. Remember, not all ingredients may be suitable for your skin type. Always examine and look further so that your makeup will last. Always look for products with vitamin C, dear!

Faint Foundations

The thinner the foundation and the powders on your skin, the better, sis! Always choose the lighter oil-free or water-based foundation formula. But, if you really opt for a natural look going outside, it is better not to use any powder or foundation on your skin, just to be sure, sometimes it is very hot outside and you will sweat. Note: Do not use a liquid base or wet finish foundations because it will stick into your face mask and not to your skin! What an inconvenience, right? It will make your skin look patchy in many areas. 

Your Lips

The main goal of a face mask is to hide your nose and lips to avoid certain contact with people and avoid the spreading of the virus. Well, who can stop you from wearing lip products right? The main problem is, how would it not stick to your lips? The main lip product you should use is LIP TINTS! Yes! With its smudge-free qualities, it is the right one for you! 


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