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Others recommend tons of beauty products just to achieve this look. And yes girl, they are all expensive! What we need are products that can be used for everyday use, have high-quality ingredients, and are affordable. Good news! Mishka Cosmetics is the one for you! Creating a minimalist lip look does not mean you have to rely on sheer and Dewey products to try it. Thanks to innovation, lip tints, especially matte finish, are just as powerful when it comes to creating a luscious, everyday look that will make you feel expensive! Well, everything is all about confidence in how you wear it, dear!

STEP 1: 

  • Apply your matte finish tint in any shade that you feel (feel free to check out our Mishka Cosmetics Lip Tint Shades here) to the center of your lips. Well, this might be new to you, but we often do not press our lips together when we use a matte finish, but in this look, once you put on the lip tint and it is still in a liquid form, gently and firmly press your lips together.


  • Smudge the color across your lips by moving your lips or using your finger. Once you distribute it balanced, reapply your Matte Tint on the center of your lips and blot it with your finger. We do this to make the center of your lips have a firm and solid color, creating an ombre-like structure across your lips. Also, apply a small amount of matte tint to your finger and gently dab it across your lips so that no spots will be seen. 


  • Get your most favorite highlighter, we recommend a cream highlighter, dab some, and put it along your cupid’s bow and the center of your bottom lip to finish. Why do we need that? It will make your lips glow and appear much more natural. Who doesn’t like a bit of shine on their lips, right? Also, putting a highlighter on your lips can make your face appear healthy and moisturized, not dry and dreadful. 

Mishka Cosmetics has a variety of Matte Finish Tints. Try these on and browse our cool shades. Click here. Anything is possible as long as you are confident enough about what you are wearing. Girl, remember that you are beautiful no matter what, and we, Mishka Cosmetics, will support you all the way! 

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