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Steps to Achieve Exfoliated Soft Glow Lip look!

The trend from the past is a trend from the present! We are all passed from matte lipstick and lip liners, dearest! In today’s makeup world and beauty industry, women are much focused on how to wear makeup that will look natural to them. That is right, women nowadays prefer using soft glam or less product to their skin because of what beauty standard is up today. Nothing is wrong with that for sure, but have you ever heard of this trend? The “Exfoliated Soft Glow Lip Look.” Do you want to try it? Read the steps below! 

Try achieving this look with these steps:


By the word itself “exfoliating”, you need first to take a look at your lip care routine. With this look, prepare your lips with a balm to remove dry or dead skin. If you do not have any balm with you right now, you can exfoliate your skin by using your finger and gently rub it to your lips, or use a cotton and gently rub it as well to your lips until you see the dead skin coming off. After that, you will feel that your lips are healthier and smoother, as well as softer and naturally pinkish! After exfoliating, you now have a super smooth lip base. 

STEP 2: 

If you want your lips to be glossy and juicier, apply your most favorite gloss! This is for an irresistibly juicy, but it will never be a sticky-finish look! Make sure to put your gloss right before your vermillion to avoid overlining. Remember, we are trying to achieve a natural look, dear, so never overdo it! 


If you want to color up your lips with a natural finish look, try to add more power to your lip stain or lip tint with just a thin layer to your look. This will make your lip look more bright as well as it will look more healthy. Just put a little bit of it and spread it to the whole lips. 

Try our very own Mishka Cosmetics Lip Tints. There are three variations you can choose from to try this trending look! Just click here and it will show you many varieties of shades you can use in everyday makeup. 

If you think this blog is inspiring, try this look now! Comment down below your experience and give us a thumbs up! 
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