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 Hello there ladies! Spring season is when all the flowers bloom and all the colors come back to life. Isn’t it beautiful and amazing? Call it the euphoria effect. All the colors associated with spring are strong and vibrant colors. Why not bring it to the makeup world, right? If you want to know the lip trends this spring, scroll down below and keep reading. (You might be interested as well in trying!)


  • If you watch fashion shows of the biggest fashion brands in the world, you’ll see this trend and this is where it all started. Diffused lips are bringing lip tints back in a lighter and easier way. Instead of just putting the lipstick directly to your lips, simply use a makeup sponge to soften the edges so that there will be no crisp lines staying on your lips. 


  • Blush has been underrated for the past few years, but now that lip tint has started this trend, blush is coming back! In this season, Spring, we’ll see a much heavier usage of blush in cheeks, which are used for face contouring. If you use blush only for your cheeks, try this! Extend the blush from your cheekbones towards the outer corner of your eyes to give that snatched look! 


  • In this season, the sun is out and the flowers are blooming. We have to be extravagant! Use your lip tints with your most shiny glosses to amped up another notch! The brighter the better, and the bolder colored glosses, the super shiny lip oils are also one of the things that will make your lips spring ready! 


  • This is a little turn on in the beauty industry, we use lip liners to outline our lips. The color we often use is the same color as what lipstick or lip tints you will be using. Well, dark lip liners are now reborn and given a new life! brown lip liner and a sheer lip color has always been an iconic combo. Dark lip liners are very much trying to focus and lift up the shape of your lips.


  • What a new trend, right? Neon colored lipstick is bound to light up your face and show an extravagant look in public! Why be simple when you can always go for more and more extra? When it comes to spring, give your eyes and lips brighter! Try on the trend graphic lines to create an artistic look on this one. 

Can you try this trend in the Spring season? Tell us more when you tried it and leave a comment below! Connect with us through Instagram and TikTok: @mishkacosmeticsph 

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