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Secrets behind Lip Tints Trend: History Unleashed

Do you know that about five thousand years ago, Sumerian and Indus valley women are believed to be the ones who invented the first lip coloring? It is used as their cultural beauty standard which they often apply to their lips and even their face as important decorations for ceremonies and rituals.  The famous Cleopatra is known for her beauty as she uses the ingredient “carmine” to stain her lips red as a statement of the power she possesses and its influence on the world. Lip coloring started to gain popularity and became a fashion statement in the 16th century when Queen Elizabeth I of England started to use dark red lip colors that are made from beeswax and plants. During her time of reign, only upper-class society and actors can wear these glamorous red stains. But, in the 1850s, chemicals such as lead and vermillion caused medical concerns as it was harmful to the skin. But, with the new technology and innovation, the usage of organic ingredients was introduced and transformed lipsticks to a whole new level which we now called lip tints. 


             Lip tints were originally introduced by the Korean beauty industry. While lipsticks contain waxes and oils which cause them to be easily erased and make our lips dry, Lip tints are in liquid, gel-based, and mousse-like texture containing organic ingredients which is safe and healthy for your lips. Although lip tints won’t give you a shiny or glossy texture, they will give you an effortlessly fresh-natural look that will turn everyone’s eyes on you. You can also add gloss and glitters to make it look extra! Before, lip tints were only used to stain your lips, but because of the people getting fond of using this, their use became multi-purpose. You read it right! Lip tints can now be used as cheek blush and eyeshadow, here’s the link to some tips on how to apply Lip Tints. There are also lip tints invented that can be used as highlighters! With just one piece of lip tint, you can do full make-up without bringing multiple products! Isn’t it fun that you can bring one single lip tint product everywhere and touch it up any time and anywhere? And yes, it is so convenient! (so convenient as it fits your pocket)

              Of course, we do want a high-quality product that is, handy, animal cruelty-free, produces world-class beauty, is made with approved and tested organic ingredients, and manufactured with all the new knowledge of advanced technology, Mishka Cosmetics is 100% made for you!

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