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PARABEN: Why Cosmetics Should Avoid This?

Paraben is a chemical compound primarily used in cosmetics and pharmaceutical products. It is a preservative that has been widely used since the 1920s. Since cosmetics companies are using organic and biodegradable ingredients, using paraben can longer the shelf life of the product as well as prevent and reduce the creation of bacteria. People can also be exposed to parabens by eating foods and beverages that do not just contain parabens but are also preserved with them. In the 1970s, propylparaben was designated as “generally recognized as safe” for addition to food up to 0.1 percent, but, girl! It’s 2022! It is very outdated. At that time, studies on paraben are limited and concrete because of a lack of technology and curiosity. But today, it is a different world and a different perspective.

What are the types of paraben? Look at the back of your tints, and see if these parabens are on the list! The most commonly used six types are methyl-, ethyl-, propyl-, isopropyl-, butyl- and isobutyl paraben. The so-called shorter-chain parabens, methyl-, and ethyl-, are commonly used in combination, whereas butylparaben is often used alone. The longer-chain parabens, propyl- and butyl-, are linked to stronger estrogenic activity (Blair 2000 and Vo 2010). If your product has these, it’s time to throw it away!

There are certain reasons why cosmetics should avoid this! If you want to know why keep on reading! 

If you keep using products that have paraben, certain health conditions and issues are sure you will feel. It can cause endocrine disruption and reproductive harm. Paraben can interrupt the hormones’ function and system which can cause abnormalities and fertility problems. It can lower the number of estrogens that will make it hard for you to have a baby and you will notice a change in your body and become irregular.  Another one is that it can cause cancer. Exposure to paraben can contribute to the risk of cancer; particularly breast cancer in women. It can alter the genes and activate or accelerate the growth of the cancer cells. We all know cancer is a silent killer, right?  Using products with paraben for too long and too much will cause you these. It can also cause skin irritation because of different skin types and various skin conditions that are serious and is needed treatment for a lifetime. 

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