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PARABEN: Effects on Environment and Prevention

Paraben is harmful to us humans, especially to those who are inclined toward cosmetics. We all know some brands contain paraben, right? Avoid those! It does not only make your skin irritated and close to illnesses, the worst part is, it also affects our environment! We are all trying to throw away the usage of animals for cosmetics and make the industry animal cruelty-free! Now, we have a new agenda. Make the industry Paraben-free for our Environment. Spread this blog so many can know!

Parabens are also linked to ecological and habitual harm. A paraben can cause a kill, especially in the marine world. Parabens can kill corals (which are vital for the balance of the ecosystem). It has also been detected in surface waters, fish, and sediments across the globe which has killed innumerable marine life. Although its toxicity rate was unclear, there’s one thing for sure. Our ecosystem is on the edge of climate change and our little way to help is to stop the usage of Paraben, right girls?

How can we Prevent Paraben?

  • Retailers
    • Stores and other major retailers should and have already settled a guideline and rule to have an active ban and restrictions on the parabens. Certain brands are now practicing paraben-free including our very own Mishka Cosmetics. We have pledged to use paraben-free ingredients as well the usage of organic ingredients for a better and more natural result for the skin and to practice animal-cruelty-free products to save our wildlife. 
  • Government 
  • Our FDA has already approved to ban of 4 types of paraben from skin care products to avoid certain health issues that in which might affect a large number of people. This has been made because of the potential risks and hazards that might affect not only the industry but also the economic state of your country in terms of the investments in the cosmetic world that needs to be closed due to paraben usage. With this, I know that you know this, girl! Certain tests and meetings together with many conclusions have been made to implement this one correctly and accordingly. parabens are also banned in personal care products in 10 Southeast Asian countries, as determined by the intergovernmental Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). The use of propyl- and butylparaben is restricted in the EU, ASEAN, and Japan.

  • We hope that the usage of paraben will be thrown out to all countries across the globe. Let us be the instrument to spread awareness so that the beauty industry will have a clean and effective image for all people. 

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