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Naturally Plump Lips Look!

No trend coming up in the makeup world right now? Well, maybe you just have not discovered it yet! Let me introduce you to this one. It is underrated but most used by people. Everyone is obsessed with having plump lips, giving a symmetrical shape to your lips, effortlessly posing for a fierce look, and even having no effort to look all sassy. How to achieve this? Here’s the Naturally Plump No Makeup Lip Look! Keep reading. 

There is no occasion that you cannot do this! Whether you are going to work or just laying in your bed, you can slay this look! This is a no-fuss trend and it will keep your lips pouty, perfectly plump, and flushed. Want to know the trick? Well, the trick to this look is to overline your lips using your lip liner or even just by using your darkest shade of tints that matches your skin tone. So that you will look like you are not wearing makeup at all! 


Outline your lips with your lip liner, if you use your lip tint, use it with a thin brush. Use any color that is neutral that will perfectly match your skin tone. If you want to make it pop out a little more, go over your lip line just a tad, to keep it in a more natural look.


To make it healthy and to make it look so healthy, apply your nourishing lip balm like our very own Mishka Cosmetics Lip Tint. It has a moisturizing effect that will give your lips a natural glow. Apply it to your lips and blend it with your lip liner to show a natural look. 


Top it off with your glossy lip tints or lip gloss. Yes, girl! It is very important and this is the essential part of this Naturally plump no makeup lip look trend! Applying lip gloss or glossy tints will make your lips appear much fuller and bigger. The glossy it is, the plumper! Why not try it, right? Try using clear lip gloss or glossy tints that are in the shade of your lips so that they will appear natural.



Have you tried this trend? If yes, give us your experience, if not, follow these three easy steps to achieve this look and comment down below your experience trying this. Connect with us through Instagram and TikTok: @mishkacosmeticsph 

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