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Mishka Cosmetics: Lip Tints Made For You

Worry-free skin every day with Mishka Cosmetics! We offer you 3 different variations of Lip Tints! It is the best-selling moisture-perfect lips that are up in any weather for 24 hours! Our Lip Tints are rich with Vitamin E, which reduces the action of free radicals and radiation caused by harmful sunlight, sun rays, and pollution! Girl, Mishka Cosmetics Lip Tints minimize and decelerate the aging of your skin. Our Lip Tints are packed with Aloe Vera Extract (Who doesn’t like aloe vera in their lip products?) It is an organic, most natural ingredient for improving your skin's hydration and moisture. Our team took the time to research and found the best way to keep your lip beautiful and healthy. We used the most organic ingredients, we are Paraben-Free! We care for your health, girls! Chemicals no more! One thing for last, we care for our environment and ecosystem. We love animals, and we advocate the stoppage of using animals in cosmetics experiments. Mishka Cosmetics is an Animal Cruelty-Free! 

Let’s keep the ball rolling and let us introduce you to Mishka Cosmetics Lip Tints and its shades!

Lip and Cheek Gel Tint

These gel-based tints are surely a good use for every day no makeup-makeup looks! Gel-based lip tints are blendable in different lip styles you like to try! Mishka Cosmetics offers lip and cheek gel tint for a 3 in1 purpose. It can be used as your eyeshadow, your lip tint, and your cheek blush. So convenient, right? Varieties of shades are available for you, sis!  Try our collection of shades and tell us what you think about them!

  4. PINK

Powder Finish Lip Tint

This is a liquid formula that will give you a powdery finish to your lips! It is also a multi-product that can be used for your eyes, cheeks, and lips for a monochromatic and simple look. The powder finish is more pigmented and harder than the gel tints, but, Mishka Cosmetics has made it buildable and blendable for you! It will surely give your lips light-weight full-color lips! Varieties of shades are available for you, sis!  Try our collection of shades and tell us what shade you like the most!

  5. EMBER

Premium Matte Tint

We all know matte lipsticks are heavy-weight and expensive! Mishka Cosmetics gives you a budget-friendly and much better formulation of premium matte tints! Why Premium? Because it will give you full coverage in any look and a lightweight feeling to your lips as if you are not wearing one at all!  Our Premium Matte tint won’t give you chapped, cracked, and dry lips. It will still give you a moisturizing effect and end up with a velvety finish. Varieties of shades are available for you, sis!  Try our collection of shades and tell us what shade you think suits you best!

  2. BLISS
  3. SWEET 
  4. LURE
  5. SEXY


Let us know what you think of every shade, girls! See our catalog here for inquiries and orders. If you like this blog, leave a comment below and connect with us through Instagram and TikTok:
Always smile girls, you look beautiful wearing it!
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