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Millennials: Redefining Beauty Through Lip Tints

Millennials, also known to be Generation Y babies, are the group of people that were born between 1981 to 1996. They are known to be tech-savvy, connected, transparent, and straightforward. They happen to be this kind of people as, during those years that they have been born, innovation mostly happens around the world. In the years that Millenials are born, this is when computers and technology; that is why they have been called tech-savvy. As Millennial babies are transparent and straightforward, they wanted to have a product that matches their personality, too.

Good News: Mishka Cosmetics has released a lip product that can cater to all ages of women and all skin types as they have formulated using an advanced-technology so that the products won't be harsh on the skin and can be suitable for everybody (and everyday, really! been wearing mine always) use. Check here our three types of Lip Tints that you can choose from. Each Type of Lip Tint offers various shades that I know you guys will love! (As much as I love my Mishka Tints, too!) All of the Tints are formulated the same, but they come with different types of consistency (Here's the link to know our Lip Tints).

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Aside from a product that is straightforward and transparent, Millennials are looking for a product that is multi-use as well. The reason for that, is Millennials love to do multitasking work and love a product that helps them with multitasking, and Millennials love to travel and go outside. When going out, Millennials usually want to just have a travel-friendly companion, and that makes Mishka Tints perfect for it. We made the packaging very handy and compact so that it can just slip into a pocket. (Here's me having my perfect Mishka Cosmetics Lip Tint Shade for my Best Beach Trip to have that fresh look even on the beach) This can be your best travel (or anything) buddy as it will boost your confidence. It will also care for your lips as it will maintain the softness and moisture of your lips, and you can have it around every day of your life.

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