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Lip Tint vs. Other Lip Products| What Suits You Well?

            Your lip is the most attractive part of your face so why not flaunt it? It will make you look chic, stylish, even dull, and boring. Do you find yourself lost in the middle of a make-up store? Well, there are hundreds of different lip products that you can choose from! But be careful, all lip products can make you stunning, but not all types can make your lip healthy. I’m sure you heard all about lip tints, right? All you heard was true! It was truly magnificent filled with organic ingredients that will give you glamour with the utmost lip care. 

              Mishka cosmetics empowers you to be confident and feel beautiful in every way. We made sure that our lip tints are safe to use and made with new innovations of safer and healthier ingredients! Scroll down below to see why Lip tint is the best among the rest!;

  • Lip tint versus Lip Gloss

  • Although lip gloss will give you extra shine and glitter, it does fade on one swipe which causes you to use the product excessively and keep applying more which can cause irritation and discomfort to your lips but if you use lip tint, it will last for hours into your lips and won’t cause you pain. It will give you a natural lip color look that will make everyone notice your freshness.

  • Lip tint versus Semi-Matte Lipstick

  • If you are looking for glam, a semi-matte lipstick is a great choice! But, it will cost you so much time because you need to apply it perfectly and symmetrically. You will get tired of perfecting it using a lip brush and concealer. On the other hand, lip tint is very accessible because a gel-type lip tint will never be needing a brush! Semi-matte lipstick will also feel dry and make your lips look hard while lip tint, with just the use of your finger, a full-coverage color will complete your glam look while feeling lightweight.

  • Lip tint versus Cream Lipstick

  • I know you always experience this, girl! Drinking in a cup will surely be uncomfortable if your lip product will leave a mark on your glass! Cream lipstick will stain your exquisite look and any canvas it may touch. Annoying, isn’t it? But if you use lip tints, it is made to be absorbed by your lips so that they won’t smear. You can now enjoy a glass of wine without worrying!

  • Lip tint versus Matte Lipstick

  • The composition of matte lipsticks is made to look a little bit hard. With that, it will stay still to your lip, and using it will make your lips drastically dry because matte lipstick does not have that much moisture content for your lip. In order to use this correctly, you still need to apply lip liner and a lip brush, while lip tints, it is rich with organic ingredients that are full of moisture that will make your lips soft and rosy. 

  • Lip tint versus Lip Liner

  • We know some celebrities who started a fad of using lip liner to your whole lips! Do you do that too? For sure it will take you hundreds of years, just kidding, a lot of time applying it to your whole lips. If you like to use a product that is very convenient and time-saving, with just one swipe, lip tints can make your lips pleasing. 

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