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Embrace yourselves, especially your skin! Many would die just to have a morena skin color!. In the Philippines, “morena” is used to describe a woman with brown skin, and “moreno” as men with brown skin. It is a word derived from Spanish (which actually made sense because we were colonized for more than 300 years!) “moreno” which means “brown or brunette.” Morena's skin often has warm undertones, so we’ll give you ideas for your lip colors!

Oh, we all experienced this before! Morena women are often discriminated against due to society's beauty standards. Bullying through words and actions is seen due to skin color. Since the body positivity movement has risen, “Morena” has been bannered proudly by brown-skinned Filipinas who have been hiding under the fair-skinned obsession. Celebrities and influencers are leading the charge and I know you, dear, are also spreading body positivity! Morena is beautiful, morena is unique, morena is you! 

This is a message that Mishka Cosmetics wants to tell you, ladies! This is one of the inspirations of our Lip Tint Shades that matches your Morena skin beautifully. Look below the shades that match your morena skin for a morena glow!

Mishka Cosmetics Lip and Cheek Gel Tint

If you like a monotone look, handy product, and 3-in-1 tint, this is for you!

The shades are:

  • Dark Red
  • Pink

Mishka Cosmetics Powder Finish Lip Tint

If you like to have a matte lip but are easy to blend and do not stay too long on your lips, this is for you!

The Shades are:

  • Apricot
  • Terracotta

Mishka Cosmetics Premium Matte Tint

If you like to glam and wanted a hard-finish lip tint, this is for you!

The shades are:

  • Bliss

If you like to view the picture of shades, visit the catalog section of our page!

Mishka Cosmetics aims to bring out the confidence of every woman, especially Morena Women! We provide a world-class quality of beauty and personal care brand that has state-of-the-art organic-based technology in the beauty industry. With us, you’ll experience the best moisture-perfect lips for 24 hours! You won’t have to worry, Morenas! Your skin is absolutely taken care of by us! 

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