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Chinita comes as a specification and alternative spelling that comes from the Filipino word “Tsinita” which means Chinese-looking. Well, if you have almond eyes, mono lids, a round face, a sallow complexion, milk skin, and thin lips, you probably have the Chinita characteristics. Thanks to our ancestors, we have been blessed with different cultures and nationalities. Filipina beauty does not only stop at being morena and large expressive eyes. The Philippines’ vast beauties have captured the hearts of different countries and now, we’re considered the melting point of the world! In the Chinita world, the Chinese were a big portion of that, giving a vibrant and shiny beauty and skin. 

Well, we all do face some difficulties in the makeup world. If you are a Chinita and have very white skin, choosing the right and suitable lip tint shade for you is a dilemma. Although many beauty industries release a variety of shades, too light will give you a pale look, and too dark will not match you. That's why finding the best shade for you is a challenge. 

Mishka Cosmetics lip tints are made for everyone, especially you, sis!  With all the research and tests we did to make our hades fit for everyone, we made a Lip Tint that will give your lips an inevitable glow! See below the shades that will surely suit your skin color, sis!

Mishka Cosmetics Lip and Cheek Gel Tint

If you like a monotone look, handy product, and 3-in-1 tint, this is for you!

The shades are:


Mishka Cosmetics Powder Finish Lip Tint

If you like to have a matte lip but are easy to blend and do not stay too long on your lips, this is for you!


Mishka Cosmetics Premium Matte Tint

If you like to glam and want a hard-finish lip tint, this is for you!

The shades are:

  • SEXY

If you want to view the shade picture, visit our page's catalog section!

Mishka Cosmetics’ aim is to bring out every woman's confidence, especially Chinita Beauty Women! We provide a world-class quality of beauty and personal care brand that has state-of-the-art organic-based technology in the beauty industry. With us, you’ll experience the best moisture-perfect lips for 24 hours! You won’t have to worry, girls! Your skin is taken care of by us! Your skin, no matter the color, is beautiful! 

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