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Lip Shapes: How to Enhance it?

Your lips are the most noticeable feature of your face, isn’t it? We all have different kinds of lip shades in accordance with the genes we got from our parents! There’s no such thing as “ugly” in lips, be confident to show people what God-given features you have! You can beautify and outstand your lip shape, curious to know how? See below to better understand your feature!

  • Heart-Shaped Lips
    • People having this lip shape have a pronounced deep in the middle or famously known as “cupid’s bow”. Heart-shaped lips may also have a heavier lower lip. Do you have this kind of shape? Well, you are strong-willed and independent. We know you are glamorous, witty, and energetic! It is the rarest lip shade. You’re truly blessed if you have this!


    • Apply lip tint to your lips evenly, and put a white pencil at your cupid's bow.

  • Top-Heavy Lips
    • You are in this group if your upper lip is heavier than your lower lip, and your cupid’s bow is not so pronounced. Did you know that this type of lip shape is very common in Indian women? In studies, people having this kind of shape are quite a drama lovers. These people are very charismatic and live their lives to the fullest!


    • Use a lip liner around your lips. Try lining your lips using a brush along with your lip tint.
    • Use a darker shade of lip tint on your upper lip to make it appear slightly smaller.
  • Full-Lips
    • According to studies, these are the most balanced, and perfect lips among the rest! But don’t worry girls, no matter what your lip shape is, you are beautiful in your own way. This lip shape has heavy upper and lower lips which makes it proportionate. Most celebrities try to achieve this!
    • Use nude lip colors that will match your skin color. 
    • Try to use heavy eye makeup so that the attention will draw evenly and not only to your lips.


  • Thin Lips
    • If your upper and lower lips are small and not si full, you are probably under this category. People having this are reserved, independent, and cautious. They are also high achievers and very determined in life.
    • Apply a lip liner over your lip line to emphasize the shape of your lips.
    • You can add gloss to your lip after using lip tints to give a fuller look.
    • Try using a lighter shade of your tint on the lower part of your lip to make a Plum look. 
  • Wide Lips
    • If you smile and see that it extends up to your ears, then you have wide lips! People having this feature have the most dazzling smile that can be caught a lot of attention and cause good vibes. They are also extroverts, friendly, non-conformists, and great leaders. 
    • Try to overline your lips to make their width much more balanced and proportionate.
  • Small Lips
    • They are not wide, but it is fuller and protruding. These people are so independent because they are self-reliant. They are happy being alone, especially tending to their own company.
    • Avoid dark shades to avoid making your lips look smaller.
    • Apply gloss to make your lips much fuller
  • Round Lips
    • Unlike the other lip shapes, this one doesn’t have any shape of a cupid’s bow. They are very charismatic and adventurous which means they are very confident and risk-takers.
    • Dark shades are highly recommended in this lip shape
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