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7 Things To Do To Avoid Dark Lips.

We have discussed in a previous article the cause of lips' discoloration. But how can we prevent those causes? In today's article, we will be giving some tips on how we can prevent discoloration from happening. Keep on reading to check out these tips.

Going back to the causes, here are the things we pointed out to be the reason for the discoloration:

  1. Smoking
  2. Lack of moisturizing lips and lip care
  3. Exposing to UV Sun Rays or Neglecting using sunblock

With this information, I'll be leaving some tips that can help us prevent our lips from darkening.

Skip or ditch smoking

As mentioned, nicotine and tar, the main ingredients in cigarettes, can cause lip discoloration. Being exposed to smoking fastens the darkening of our lips and it has numerous dangerous causes on our health, too. So if we can ditch this one out, that would be great.

Use Lip Balm

Lip Balm is the best lip care product we can use to prevent discoloration. Lip Balm does not just maintain the moisture, and nourishment of your lips, but it usually contains sunscreen, too, that protects your lips from UV Sun Rays. So I highly suggest that if you want to maintain the softness, moisture, and nourishment of your lips; do not ditch Lip Balms!

Use of Lip Scrub

If you want to be extra, you might want to add lip scrub to your lip care. You can use it depending on the dryness of your lips. Using this exfoliates the dryness and removes the dead skin cells on your lips to keep your lips soft and moist. Reasonably, you can scrub your lips once or twice a week, to keep them healthy. Lip Scrubs also help your lips keep their natural color.

Massage your lips with Oils.

You can also use oils, Coconut Oil or Sunflower Oil, on your lips to keep their moisture and softness. You just need to gently rub oils onto your lips in a circular motion to keep the blood flowing to keep the healthy pink hue of your lips. You can do this trick after exfoliating your lips.

Keep hydrated

Even if you are not using a lip product or not, smoking, and dehydration can darken your lips. So aside from keeping your best lip product with you, always have a bottle of water in hand, too, to keep you hydrated.

Take Medication or Vitamins

If you are not smoking, using lip products, dehydrated but still have dark lips, you might want to check the reason with a doctor too. It might be related to health or you might be advised to take in vitamins to prevent lip discoloration. Do not rely on such information and it is advisable to check in with your doctor before taking medications as it might damage your health, too.

Look for the best lip product that will work for your lips

With the help of advanced technology, Mishka Cosmetics guarantees that their products are best suitable for every skin of women of all ages. Before dwelling on some products, always make sure and look for a product that cares for you. Aside from its best formulation, we make sure that our product not only gives color but cares too for your lips as we have added Vitamin E and Aloe Vera to our formulation.

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