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How to Find Your Lip Tint Shade?

Finding your shade may be difficult. It takes a lot of time and experiments in makeup to find the right shade of lip tints or lip products you will use for an everyday look. Thanks to the trend “My lips, but better”, women are having the easiest time finding theirs! Have you heard of the trend? Well, if you are interested, keep reading to see the latest trend, find your shade, and what color of tint suits you well!

 Finding your lip shade with this trend means you have to discover the shade that will give you the most natural look! With that, it will give you a much-defined lip shape and a touch of intensity to your lips, but how?

  • Find your undertones
    • Your undertones will tell you if you need a warmer or cooler lip shade that will give you the most natural look! There are three types; warm-tone and cool-tone. Classify yours as these, look at your vein color. If you see a greenish color, you are warm-toned; if you see purple or bluish, you are cool-toned. If you burn easily when sunlight touches your skin, you’re more cool-toned, and if you are naturally tan, you are warm-toned.  But here’s the exception, if you have the qualities of burning in the sunlight, and have tan-colored skin, then you might be neutral-toned!

  • Examine your natural lip color
    • Your color is not only determined by your skin undertones, you should also examine your lip color! Try to look closely, try to lock your eyes on the inner part of your lips. The color of your lips is determined there because the color usually fades as it comes closer to your vermillion border. Do you see your lips as rosy, reddish, or peachy? Well, that is when you’ll realize that the lip shade you will use is the one that is close enough to the natural color of your lips. 

  • Swatch the tint before you pick!
    • If you look at makeup moguls' advertisements or influencers, you’ll see how they swatch their lip products! But, if you are comfortable swatching at the back of your hand or your wrist, it won’t match your lips. Swatching on your wrist is good for foundation hunting, but for lips? The best way to determine is to your fingertips! 

    Finding lip tint shade might be very challenging for us girls, but don’t worry! This blog will help you find it. If you’re hunting for better shades, click here! Leave us a thumbs up and connect with us through Instagram and TikTok: @mishkacosmeticsph
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