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What are ombre lips? Ombre lips have tones of color that shade into each other, graduating from light to dark. Your lips are the best feature of your face, so why not flaunt them? No season or weather can put away you from using lip products. As we all know, red is the favorite lip color of all time. Even if you are not a fan of red, it will surely blend and look good on you when you try this trick! The ombre lips! What's good with this? It can give you that artistic and creative look, mixing two colors ranging from dark to the lightest, giving you the best optical illusion to make your lips pouty and full plump. Keep reading to know how to make an ombre lip! 


  • Try to outline your lips with your classic and the darkest tone and shade of red or brownish-red lipstick. Fill in the outer corners of your lips with it as well, leaving the center of your lips bare.


  • Layer a brighter tone or shade of red into your lips. Try the cherry-colored lip shade on the inner part of your lips. Just take a guideline and good care, do not let the lighter shade mix up with the darker shade so that the distribution will be even. Then, gently diffuse the two shades together so there’s no noticeable “seam” where one shade starts and where the color ends. 


  • Blending will take most of the time when you are doing your lip color and ombre look. Use your fingers or your beauty blenders to diffuse the colors evenly to create that ombre or fading look on your lips. It is just like coloring your artwork with a nice touch and with care.
  •  Blending is the most difficult situation you might experience when trying this. But, a little tip for you, sis, if you want the dark shade to be more vibrant than the light one, try to diffuse the color from upwards to downwards, but, if you want the lighter shade to be the protagonist, blend it from downwards to upwards. In this way, even diffusion and the theme you want to portray or achieve will be much easier, sis! 

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