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How Long Do Lip Tints Last?

                 This is to all Lip Tint users! Do you know how your Lip Tints last to your lips? If yes, tell me how many hours it lasted! I am very curious about that, girl! Let me also share with you information on how long lip tints last. Scroll down below, sis!

                Lip tint has taken over the beauty industry. Did you know Sephora has dedicated one section only for lip tints? (That’s how famous lip tint is!) Yes! You read that right. With its natural looking finish and doable characteristics, it is used in varieties of makeup looks and different lip styles.  If you open up a Mirriam-Webster Dictionary, you’ll see that tint is defined as “pale coloration” and that’s exactly what it gives, But Oops! Hold on! It won’t look dull or boring dear! Because lip tints are exactly made to give your lips life! Even if the shades are nude, it will give you a glowing, and wonderful look!

                But how long does lip tint last? Well, it depends on its classification! The most popular and common is the liquid lip tint, it is very easy to apply because it is water-based, and will stain your lips after a few seconds of application and can stay on your lips for up to 5 hours or more! Liquid lip tints and gel lip tints fade over the course of hours because of several reasons; when you eat and drink water, the tint usually comes off but not as a whole, it will still leave a stain but muted color that is why you have to reapply. 

              If you’re aware of the emergence of lip tint peel, then you should know this! Lip tint peel is a true novelty! This will leave a deep stain to your lips. This is the exciting part! It lasts up to 12 hours and more! But, there might be a little concern for that. In order for a lip peel to stain your lips and stay for a day, applying lip peel should be thick, and it should be on your lips for 10 minutes until it dried out before you peel it. But don’t worry, once you peeled it, it will give you juicy plump lips!

               Creamy lip tints can last to your lips for 5 hours or more if you don’t wipe it or even drink water and eat, but if you do, it will eventually be wiped out and you need to reapply. The thing with creamy lip tints is that it is easy to apply, you can actually find similarities with lipsticks. In Matte finish Lip Tints, we all know matte finish tints are very hard to remove! It can last for 5 hours and more but you also need to reapply it from time to time. Be careful girls! Always outline your lips before using matte tints for a symmetrical result! 

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