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How Lip Tints Are Made?

Different brands use different kinds of formulations when it comes to their lip tints. But, there are also ingredients that they do share. This blog is very informative especially to those who are a little bit worried about the products that they use. Don’t worry! We’ll give you all the information. See below the ingredients they use and what is it for and its effect on your lips:

  • Water 
    • This is the most common ingredient of all makeup products. There’s no makeup you can see that uses water. If you look at the back of your lip tint, you’ll see that water is at the top or first of the list which means it has a lot of effects and contributes to it. Water is the main ingredient because not all other ingredients dissolve in oils, only in water.

  • Glycerin
    • It is also known as Glycerol. It is the natural moisturizer of our skin. It has been used by the beauty industry for more than 50 years. Imagine that? WOW! It repairs skin cells and avoids irritation! It is also used to treat dry skin, sis!

  • Triethanolamine
    • It is a somewhat chemical ingredient used to balance the acidity of the product. (Do you know that it doesn’t have a general safety reputation because of its chemical composition but a little won’t do wrong.)

  • Tocopheryl Acetate
    • It is the vitamin E version that most cosmetics use. Dermatologists say that it may have a longer shelf life and very stable, it is poorly being absorbed by our skin, (which literally has no effect on our skin)

  • Carbomer
    • A chemical composition again! It converts water into a gel formula but it does need help from other ingredients to create that sticky texture.

  • Phenoxyethanol
    • Was introduced in the 1950's. Can be seen in green tea and nature itself. Which means it is originally organic. It is a preservative that is safe and gentle, but, cosmetics industry uses a synthetic version (WHAT?)

  • Fragrance 
    • By the word itself, dear! It is a nice smelling stuff that is added to the product to create a smooth lip tint. It is also a chemical, guys! Still, be careful of those who have allergies.

                        Have you noticed? Most of the ingredients are made of chemicals that can be allergic or harmful to people. We all know we have different complexions and skin conditions that is why knowing it should be a must! We all do love a safe lip tint, right? Well we have the best for you! Mishka Cosmetics have released their world-class lip tints! But, What makes it better than the others? It's made and sourced ingredients come from Japan and Korea! It is moisture that will fit any kind of weather. Mishka Lip Tints also has organic and pure Vitamin E which can save your skin from radiation, (who doesn’t love a glowing skin while in the sun, right?). Our Tint also uses aloe vera extract, which is not common on lip tint, it has a natural effect of hydration to improve your skin. This is the exciting part! Who doesn’t support an Animal Cruelty-Free and Paraben Free (usage of chemicals free) Cosmetics, right? Well, Mishka Cosmetics is perfect for you!

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