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4 Ways to Achieve Korean Lip Looks!

It was mentioned in our previous article that K-beauty have been on top for the past few years for their contribution to the success of Cosmetics and Skin Care products. And for that success, Lip Tint imparted a huge factor on it. We couldn't disagree with that statement, though, as we are part of that trend. Their marketing strategy is also the main reason they are on top. Products are being promoted by their K-Pop idols and they always come up with cute and catchy, innovative packaging that is really an eye-grabber. But the downside of Korean Tints is that they are quite pricey as it tend to be introduced internationally. Want to try that Korean look but on a budget? Worry no more! This is why Mishka Cosmetics formulated a lip tint based on Korea's formulation to offer the products locally without spending too much.

Mishka Cosmetics launched 3 types of lip tints that you can check out on the website: www.mishkacosmeticsph.com and you can connect with us on Instagram and TikTok @mishkacosmeticsph. It will give you that same effect Korean Tints can offer as the formulation is based on Korean Lip Tint and the raw materials are sourced directly from Korea and Japan. But the great thing about Mishka Cosmetics is that you won't need to spend too much and that it is readily available in the Philippines. Want to know some tips on how to apply your lip tints? Keep on reading as we are leaving some ways on how to apply Lip Tints.


Photo Owner: Miss @princessabeniano on IG wearing Powder Finish Tint in the shade of APRICOT


I'll be leaving here some tips on how to make those famous Korean-Look using your Lip Tints:

Natural Look or No Make-up, Make-up Look

  • Apply your tint on the lower lip.
  • Dab the tint using your finger to evenly spread the product.
  • After finishing the lips, you can just apply a minimal tint on your cheeks to have some flush look; always remember that when you are using a lip tint, a little goes a long way. Lip Tints are very blendable and buildable so you might want to start first applying a minimal amount and you can adjust to your preference.
  • On top of the tint you have applied to your cheeks, add a little powder to keep the pigment on your cheeks. This trick will make your "blush" last longer than using an ordinary powder blush.


Gradient Look

  • Apply your tint on the inner corner of your lips.
  • Press your lips to distribute the product equally.
  • Apply a BB Cream, Concealer, or Loose Powder on the edge of lips.
  1. Full Coverage
  • Outline the lips using the edge of the applicator of your Lip Tint.
  • Apply the tint from the middle to the corner to have that full coverage effect.

Glossy Finish

  • Apply your tint on the lower lip.
  • Dab the tint using your finger to distribute the product.
  • Add lipgloss to have that shiny or glossy texture.

Monochromatic Look

  • Apply your tint to your lips
  • Using your finger, dab the product to evenly distribute it to your lips.
  • Apply the same shade of Lip Tint that you have used to your lips onto your cheeks. Blend in the product evenly on your cheeks; you can use your finger for blending.
  • Apply the same shade of Lip Tint on your eyelids too. Blend in the product as well; you can also use your finger for blending. But if you are feeling extra, and you have the resources, you can definitely use a sponge or brush for it.
  • To finish the look, apply a loose powder or foundation to your face to keep the products intact and for it to stay longer.

You can also watch this Instagram Reel of Ms. Stephy Neri wearing Lip and Cheek Tint in the shade of Rosy Red, attempting Douyin Lips using Mishka Cosmetics

Afraid that you might choose the wrong shade? No worries! With Mishka Cosmetics, we will be publishing swatches applied to every skin color so that you can pick the best shade that will be flattering to you. And because Lip Tints are blendable and buildable, you can mix and match your favorite shade to come up with your very own signature shade. Have fun playing with Lip Tints and don't be afraid to try bold shades. Friendly advice, always wear your tint with your smile and confidence!

Give it a thumbs up if you love the tricks on how to apply Lip Tints. And leave a comment below if you have any suggestions or if you want to share another trick too.

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