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Looking for an Instagram worthy picture post wearing your bikinis and enjoying the beautiful views of the sea? Channel your inner beach beauty with our beach-proof makeup look! This trend will make you look stunning even after going out of the water. Nowadays, it is hard to find waterproof lip products, right? Well, we got the right brand just for you! Here are some tips on how to wear your beach makeup light, bronze, and bright that will give you a sun-kissed, natural glow!


Always wear your sunscreen girl! The sun is too bright when you go to a beach, and the breeze of the air will surely make your skin burn faster! Always use your sunscreen to protect you from UV rays so that you won’t get any skin burns! Before you apply your makeup, slather it on your skin and give time for it to soak up so that the rest of the makeup won’t smudge.

Why wear a thick foundation for a beach trip, right? The weather is very humid in the beach areas and wearing too much can result in being greasy and creamy. Just put a little bit of product to give you that natural skin look and it is better to use powder-based foundation.

Wear a matte bronzer to highlight the structure of your face and give a glow to your natural skin. Do not use sheer or shimmer bronzer so that it shouldn't look bad with the sun’s light. For a monotone and natural look, just put some on your lids, your cheekbones, and your cheeks. Also put a little bit on your forehead, temples, and your chin to enhance your bone structure. Follow that with a cheek blush and tint! (Mishka Cosmetics are 3-in-1 products, sis! You can use that for your eyes, cheeks, and lips. Try here!)

You cannot enjoy your beach trip without swimming! Worry no more! Do not let your makeup take away the moment, sis! With your waterproof makeup and lip products, you can now enjoy the water without worrying! Mishka Cosmetics Lip Tints are water-proof and smudge-proof, you can splash and sweat and be naturally beautiful!

Lip gloss is oil-based, which means that when water hits it, it can be too oily or irritating for the skin. Try to use lip tints and lip stains. Mishka Cosmetics has managed to produce a world-class lip product that is suitable for the summer! Click here to see our shades, dear! '


Are you ready for your beach outing? Be bold and beautiful with the use of our very own Mishka Cosmetics! If you like this blog, leave a comment and connect with us through Instagram and TikTok: @mishkacosmeticsph 

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