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Gen Z Trend: The Glitter Lips

Generation Z babies, are you reading this? Yes! Did you know that you introduced the “Glitter Lips” trend? If you haven’t heard of this then, read this! The glitter trend is very easy to achieve, sissies! The makeup industry, especially in lip products is going further away from the traditional looks and entering at a time of experimentation! This makeup trend encourages you to become more open to creating unique looks and the glitter lips are a fun way to express yourself!

The question is, how do we achieve this look? Can glitter lips give you a hard or subtle look? Keep on reading and we’ll give you a step-by-step guide to achieve this!


  • Glitter lips are only as durable and long-lasting if your base is also long-lasting. Before putting in some products, make sure that your lips are hydrated so that they can hold glitters for hours! Lip Tint Balms are also recommended in this look because of their sticky-like texture that will serve as the glue, as well as their color that will give life to your lips. 


  • Well, before putting in some glitters to your lips, you need to make your lips have color. But how? Choose lipstick, but in this case, lip tints are more accessible. Mishka Cosmetics has a lot of shades that you can choose from! Putting tints on your lips will help to diminish some parts that the glitters will not hold to. 


  • It may sound strange, sis, but adhesive means you need to choose your gloss! Colored gloss-like tints are also recommended in this situation. The reason gloss is the adhesive is that it has a more tacky glue-like structure that the glitters will surely fall into. Put layers of gloss so that you’re sure that the glitters won’t smudge into your face! Also, putting a lot of glitters will help you to remove the glitters easier and faster. 


  • This is the most exciting part! It can be messy, but surely you will love the outcome! Have fun and experiment with it! Choose the color you like to go with that will match your mood for the day or the outfit that you will wear. You can use it as a lip liner, try abstract, you can also be creative and use asymmetrical shapes with different colors. There are no rules regarding this, so why not try them all, right? 

Using glitter on your lips may sound inconvenient and time-consuming, but no! Glitter lips are a statement, it is the outburst of your personality and fun! What do you think about the glitter trend? Leave us a comment below and connect with us through Instagram and TikTok:
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