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FAKE A LIP FLIP TREND! | by Mishka Cosmetics

We, women, have our own preferences when it comes to our body and face features. It is our right to know whether to change something or enhance something on our face. But, we all know procedures and surgeries cost a large amount of money. Some of us also see it as something that is not necessary because of our needs. But, if you do like it and can afford it, why not? You go, girl! And if you feel like not having botox or fillers, then, this trend will give you a fuller lip with these breathtaking steps that became viral in the beauty industry. Just your typical makeup will give you an instant lip lift. Continue reading the steps below!


  • All you need is a lip liner, lipstick or lip tint, your foundation or concealer, and your setting powder. Make sure your brushes are clean and your face and lip are ready! For your tints, use our very own Mishka Cosmetics Lip Tints, want to see the shades? Click here!


  • Grab your lip liner (or you can also use your lip tint) with your favorite nude shade that matches your skin tone. Overline your lips by creating a line above the upper lips and below your bottom lip to emphasize and widen your lip size. 
  • As you line the outer part of your lip, also line the inner part of your lip to create a more natural structure. Blend lightly and avoid wiping, just dab it for a more natural finish. 


  • Fill your lips with your favorite lip tint shade! Make sure it does not collide that much with your lip liner in the outer parts of your lip to achieve this look! In this look, I would recommend you to use a powder finish or matte finish tints, here are some of Mishka Cosmetics’ shades!  Make sure your tints blend well with your lip liner! A bad lip liner and a bad tint will make a bad look. 


  • If you want to emphasize your lip shape, try this hack! Apply a dab of your favorite concealer to highlight the edges of your lip line, and to avoid certain melting and imbalances, set it with your translucent powder for a long-lasting and sweat-proof lip look! 

Try this trend and let us know your experience! Leave us a thumbs up and comment down below your thoughts. 
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