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Do's and Don'ts in Using Lip Tints

 If you look at every girl’s bag, there’s no way that a lip tint won’t be included! One lip tint can be used for your eyes, cheeks, and lips that will give you a long lasting color without the need of retouching. I know it is very convenient especially for us women, who like using small bags. But, how do you apply your tint? What is your rule and hygiene when it comes to it? As a fond user, let me give you some advice about the do’s and don’ts in using Lip Tints.

Do’s in using Lip Tints:

  • Make sure to prep your lips before applying.
  • Although lip tints are made with organic ingredients that are very hydrating and moisturizing to your lips, the weather is unpredictable. You would consider exfoliating your lips and moisturizing by adding lip balm to remove dry skin. Applying this will make your lips easier to blend and away from chapping. 

  • Always start with using small amounts.
  • Unlike lipsticks, lip tints are buildable, but if you apply too much, the stains are so hard to remove. If you do remove it, your lips may cause discomfort and irritation that can lead to swelling. No Makeup-Makeup look became a fad because of the natural look vibe that is giving. If you do this, this second tip suits you well! Also, using too much product can be messy, it might destroy your look. Once you achieve your desired intensity, stop and call it a day.

  • Store your lip tints on room temperatures.
  • You may not be aware of this, but it is vital for you to store your lip tints on room temperatures. If you notice at the back of the lip product, they give you advice to store it on room temperatures because of these reasons;

    Store it in a cool and dark place to avoid direct contact with the sunlight. Every product has an expiration date, exposure to sun may lead your lip tint to break its active ingredients and fasten the aging process. 

    Many celebrities do this trend. Putting lip tints inside the fridge. Yes girl! You read that right. Some lip tints have vitamin C in their ingredients and it is more effective when cooled down. Aside from that, putting it inside the refrigerator will slow the aging process and will leave you with a refreshing feeling when applied. 

    Don'ts in using your Lip tints.

  • Do not apply tint using your fingertips. 
  •  It is advisable that you should not use your fingertips for hygiene purposes because it might affect your lip and cause serious damages. But, using fingertips is not a problem so why not try it? Just make sure that you wash your hands thoroughly to eliminate bacterias and it is good if you like a budget-friendly tip. Some people do not like having their hands stained, that is why an applicator is a must for them!

  • If your lips are already chapped, do not apply any lip products.
  • Tints are mostly water-based that is why it is easily absorbed by our lips. If you have a cracked lip, tints will penetrate faster and end up scruffy.  If you still apply tint while having this issue, you will feel a stingy pain and mostly, end up swelling because of the ingredients that are meant for external use only. Always be careful and try to exfoliate your lip before using any lip tint products to avoid serious damages. 

  • Do not share your tint to other people
  •              This is for hygiene purposes. Sharin it to other people can contaminate your product. If you have sensitive skin, stop doing this to avoid irritation. 

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