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Do You Wear Lip Tints Everyday? 17 Reasons Why Lip Tints Are A Woman’s Best Friend.

The Lip Tint craze has set to the top and we are not able to make this stop! (Yes, and don't make it stop!) Reason for that? Lip tint is a lip product that serves us a lot of purposes. It is the perfect Must-Have that we have in our everyday make-up routine, as it is:

  1. Easy to apply
  2. Multiuse; Can be used on lips, cheeks, and eyelids.
  3. Easy to play with shades available (mix and match)
  4. Easy to style with (here are some ways to apply lip tints)
  5. Easy to blend with other products
  6. Highly pigmented
  7. Long-lasting
  8. Lightweight
  9. Fruity Scent and Bubblegum Taste
  10. Smudge-proof
  11. Transfer Proof
  12. Does not leave a stain on the teeth
  13. Compact and handy
  14. Natural-looking
  15. Has lip care benefits
  16. Budget-friendly
  17. Keeps your lips soft and nourished

With the love of lip tints, do not forget Mishka Cosmetics Lip Tints. It is the best product that you have in your Everyday on-the-go Make-up kit. Why is that? Mishka Cosmetics Lip Tint is known to be suitable for every skin of women of all ages. With the help of advanced-technology formulation and products sourced directly from Japan and Korea, Mishka Cosmetics has produced a world-class lip tint that is ready to compete with other known beauty products. Another great reason to love us, check out our website's home page to know more. (Clue: some sweet treats you might want to take advantage of)

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Did you know? You can achieve a full make-up look using just a lip tint and a powder. Yes, you definitely can! (You can check that trick in here) You can use that routine for an everyday natural make-up look as it gives you that perfect flush on your cheeks and it enhances the natural color of your lips. You can choose the best perfect shade that works for you from our catalog. But you shouldn't have any worries, as Mishka Cosmetics is very blendable and buildable, you can play with any shade that we have and you can mix and match it to have your very own signature shade. Share with us your best signature shade, if you have come up with one. We would love to try it, too! You can also save a lot more if you purchase the Tint bundle! (More tipid tips ;) )

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