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Celebrity-Inspired Looks that Make a Buzz!

There is absolutely no question when it comes to lips! It sure does make your face look stunning, and if you don’t take good care of it, it will also affect your looks! There is always a certainty to make and create art using your lip tints which has an impact and a message to portray. We often see celebrities using makeup in every event and over time, there are just looks that we cannot stop thinking about and keep on making a buzz! Let us look at some celebrity-inspired lip tint looks that have made our jaws drop because of their perfection!


  • The class, the fire engine, burning flames, and sassiness, red color is the only one who can portray that. The red carpet has seemed blessed with celebrities using red colors. From Gigi Hadid to Priyanka Chopra’s looks, we can all see how powerful they are when they wear red lips. 


  • This is the most trending lip color of all time! It creates a minimalist, simple, and no makeup look! Nude colors suit all kinds of seasons and it suits well in those! Although creative makeups are now widening and are causing a trend, we cannot deny that most of the time, we like to have a simple look and applying nude color lips will surely do the trick! We will always come back to these beautiful colors for our everyday look! 


  • Color pink can give you a teen-age, high school vibe. It reminds me of youth and innocence, how about you? The beautiful and very calm color will soothe and warm you. The tones of pinks are timeless and now, celebrities are starting to bring it up again! If you know Hailey Bieber, she is often seen with a clean look, that is why pink shades are better!


  • Peachy shades are being recognized late. But, now, celebrities are using these and causing a trend in the beauty industry. With its beautiful color, beauty and makeup cosmetics are now stocking up and releasing peachy color shades for their lip products. This shade will give you a minimalist and aesthetic vibe and look. Its range can vary from perfectly bright peach to nude peach. 
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