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Can You Use Lip Tints At Your Age?

How young is too young and how old is too old to wear lip products? That is the question that suddenly popped into my head. But I’m curious, ‘what age did you start wearing lip products, and what does it feel like?’ Many could have side comments when it comes to the makeup world, by how you apply it, how hard your makeup is, how thick your gloss is, and how dark-colored are your lips. The real thing is, that there are no real age restrictions and limits when using lip tint. Why? Scroll down below!

Lip Tints are made for anyone! That also means that you, young or old, can use it too! It is believed that lip products should not be worn by young ones aged 0-10 years old because of sensitivity reasons. They used to believe that it can make children’s lips dark. Well, it is somehow true no matter what your age is if the product you use has active chemical ingredients (Yes! That can be very dangerous for your skin!) so always check the ingredients at the back of the product! There’s also a myth that when a child uses lip products early, it can cause their skin to age faster! But studies show that it is not true! If you’re a parent, just take precautions and set boundaries on what they can use. 

To the Teenagers out there! Shout out to all of you! I know you’re starting to try out different shades of tints and decide which suits you best. Do not worry babes! They are very safe for you, especially when you use Lip Tints from Mishka Cosmetics. It has vitamins and organic ingredients because we care for your lip care! 

And how could I forget ya’ll! To our heroines and superwomen! Mothers, Aunts, and Grandmothers, this is great news for all of you. No matter your age, you can still use Tints aside from Lipsticks! Using your lip tints can make you glow and shine wherever you are and whatever you wear. Everyone would turn their heads on you because (WOW!) it’s like you never aged! 

Every woman should not be deprived of using any lip product no matter who they are, what they are, and their age. All shades suit you, gals! Do not be afraid of what they’re going to say to you. As long as your confidence is rocketing, wear what you like! Let’s support each other like real sisters. Women Empowerment at its finest!

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