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Best Ways to Keep Your Lips Naturally Pink

         Pink Lips are considered to be a sign of good health and extravagant beauty. We all have different skin types, we also have different colors, with that, it means that our skin complexions vary differently, or should I say, UNIQUELY. Yes! Be proud of yourself, do not be shy to show the world your skin, babe! You are beautiful the  way you are, and remember, you’re beautiful in your own way. 

         If you notice your lips change color overtime, or you notice any changes with its condition, it may be alarming and require much attention. Did you know wearing Lipsticks without moisturizing ingredients can cause dryness and cracks to your lips? That can be harsh to your lips and cause it to change color. If you want your lips to be naturally pink, scroll down below.


  • Use a  Sugar Scrub
    • Since your lip skin is sensitive, try this! Scrub gently and slowly to your lip skin with a mixture of one spoonful of honey and almond oil for a few minutes and wash. This will help your lips to remove all the dead skin and moisturize. (This is a tipid tip as well for you, Sis! You can do it yourself at home and you will get good results!)

  • Use Aloe Vera and Honey
    • I know you heard aloe vera and honey! Yes, babe! They are filled with vitamins that will make your skin soft. It won’t just make your lips pink, it will also make your lips hydrated (Always keep hydrated, sis!). I tried this before and it was super effective! You can apply it directly to your skin and leave for 15  minutes!

  • Use Beetroot 
    • Beetroot is called Remolatsa in Tagalog. It is so affordable and you can eat it! Just extract its juice and you’ll see a burgundy color of it! All you have to do is apply it to your lips for 15 minutes before wiping and you’ll see a pinkish result! If you like it, use it twice a day for better result. 

  • Wear Sunscreen
    • Do not use sunscreen for your face only, get a small dot and wipe it on your lips. It will protect you from sun rays and avoid certain irritations or even skin cancer! The next time you buy your lip balm, girls, always look for a product with SPF15 or higher. 

  • Exfoliate Regularly
    • Just like your face skin care, you should do it to your lips as well! Exfoliating helps your skin to remove dead skin. The best thing about your lips is that they don't need expensive products to exfoliate, just rub it with a tissue or toothbrush and it will reveal your pinkish new skin! Apply lip balm at night for better results. (It literally works! Do it now, gals!)

  • Use Moisturizer
    • Keeping your lips moisturized is a must! It is a sure shot to ensure your lips remain pinkish. When you feel your lips are getting dry, always put balm on it so that you wouldn't worry about chapped lips anymore! (Dark lips no more you all!)

  • Stay Hydrated
    • Always drink your water, sis! Yes, you read it right! Drinking lots of water will not just make your face acne free, but also will make your lips pinkish! Drinking lots of water will keep your skin from getting sore and dry. Gals, stop drinking coke for now, only drink water! :D

  • Vitamin E Essential Oil
    • Take a capsule, break it, and apply straight to your lips! By the word itself, vitamin E will give your skill cell to avoid lines and wrinkles as it will soften your lips and be pink! Do it, girl, try it! It's like you’re not aging. 

  • Use Coconut Oil
    • Coconut oil is known to soften and make your hair shinier! Well, look furthur, and you’ll see that it can be used for your lips too! It will also hydrate your lips and moisturize it in the most organic way. Apply a thin layer every night before going to bed. It will give the best result ever!

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