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Beautiful in a Peach Look!

This look is for spring also! But, what is this trend? Why does it have something to do with makeup and tints? Well, if you are still searching for a makeup look and ideas this spring, then this blog is for you! We will guide you to create a cute and perfect look for any occasion including parties, weddings, and everyday looks using peach shades for eyeshadows and lips! Get this look with these easy steps. Keep reading! 


  • Just like in any color wheel, peach has varieties of shades too! It can be from powdery to glossy, to Pantone and dark. For your eyes, if you chose any peach color by now, dust it over your eyelid from the inner part moving to the outer edge of your eyes. Blend it until it looks natural on you sis! A dab of glitter eyeshadow will do the trick and can make your eyeshadow come to life. Try colors that match with peach shades like gold! 


  • Draw wings in your eyes, dear! Achieve a smooth and winged eyeliner look using a liquid eyeliner, in any shades that you like, or if you want to be creative, use your lip tint and a tiny brush for the eyeliner! Line the inner corner of the upper eyelid, and slowly move it to the outer part, creating your wings depending on how high and thick you like. 


  • It looks unnatural and unpleasant when you all have your eyeshadow and eyeliner but your lash doesn’t have anything, well, achieve a great volume of lashes by using your trusted cosmetic brand of mascara! Before you put it, always use an eyelash curler, then gently sweep your mascara from the roots to the tip of your lashes to create an instant volume! 


  • Your makeup look will not be completed without you hanging your lips! Finish the look by filling in your lips with a peachy pink lip tint shade. If you want the best result, try our Mishka Cosmetics Lip Tints here. It features unique packaging and is made with outstanding ingredients that will leave a stain for hours on your lips! Try more of our pinkish shades to match your look! If you want to make it exciting and thrilling, apply glitters! 

Try this look and comment down below the results! Share with us your experience and give us a thumbs up! Connect with us through Instagram and TikTok: 
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