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Are Lip Tints Safe to Use?

Craze of Lip Tints is totally far from over as K-beauty continues to enhance the product. K-pop idols introducing the product made it even crazier. Aside from the fact that it is trending because of its marketing, what we really love about the product is its formulation. Who wouldn't love it? An all-natural and organic product that you can use for multiple purposes made us all fall in love with it. Is that right? To tell you more, what we all rave about it is that it is long lasting too. Who will get tired of using it? Well, not me, as I totally love using it 24/7.

Photo Owner: @gelleintua wearing Premium Matte in shade Daring


Personally, I started using Lip Tints way back in my college days as it is sulit and tipid (budget-friendly) as I was on a budget during those days. Can anyone relate to me (hit thumbs up below if you do)? But when I started working or earning, I never shifted from using Lip Tints to Lipsticks, as lip tints are way more beneficial than Lipsticks. Aside from that, lipsticks contain various chemical products, unlike lip tints, that are all natural and organic. I have tried multiple brands of lip tints, may it be high-end or low-end, but I have never found a brand that really matches my preference. I personally prefer a lip tint that really cares from within, not a lip tint that only gives a color.

Photo Owner: @yen_araneta wearing Premium Matte Tint in shade Bliss


Thankfully, Mishka Cosmetics introduced its Lip Tint line. They aim to bring back confidence in every woman without being harsh on your skin.

Mishka Cosmetics makes sure that you are being taken care of with their products and that it is made with advanced technologies to produce a product that can definitely compete world-class. What's exciting about it is that Mishka Cosmetics' Lip Tints are 100% Animal-Cruelty Free (Yes! No animals have been harmed with our product) and are Paraben-Free, making it suitable for every skin type of all ages. You might want to check out our website here. You can also connect with us on Instagram and TikTok: @mishkacosmeticsph.


Hurry! As we still have some good news waiting on the website (What I mean is Sale! Sale! Sale!).


Another great news from us, we offer three types of Lip Tints that you can choose from and we have a wide-range of shades too. Subscribe to our website so you'll keep posted on our announcements!

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