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All about Lips!

Your lip is as important as any part of your body, sis! You will not be completed if you do not have lips. Our lips help us to chew and swallow when our mouth is closed, thus making our lips the protector. I know you also use your lips to hold onto things like clothes and other materials. Who doesn’t do that though? Just make sure that the things you put into your mouth are clean! The most important part, our lips are used in communication. Our facial expressions also allow our lips to smile, laugh, bare our lips, and kiss. 

Our lips are also known as “either of two fleshy folds that surround the mouth in humans and many other vertebrates and are organs of human speech essential to certain articulations.” Your lips are very unique just like our fingerprint for it has their own identification. It plays a large role in your physiological protection. Girl, it protects your mouth from debris and pollution! They define the aesthetic feature of the lower part of your face, which contributes to the perception of beauty, health, vitality, and interaction with our environment. So your lips are beautiful no matter the shape, dear!

A fun fact: Dentists wish that lips are detachable for easier dental procedures! (So dunny, right?)

It may be an aesthetic feature of your face, dear, but it also indicates your health! What a convenience right? You can see the differences in health in terms of exposure to the environment. You can indicate here what age you are, what health conditions you may have, and also,  smoking, drinking, eating, UV radiation, and dental visits/materials which indicate the lack of care. 

Just like the rest of your body, your lips need extra care!

It has only thin layers of tissue which means it can get easily wounded. If you do this, you should stop: peeling off the skin of your lips because it gives you pleasure or it has already been a mannerism, control it as soon as possible because it may lead you to serious illnesses. Girl, sometimes pleasures will get you sick! Be careful as well in using different lip products to protect you from irritation and burns.

Mishka Cosmetics has made different lip tints that protect your lips from these illnesses. It has SPF that protects you from sun radiation, it has vitamin E to help nourish your lips, and aloe vera to keep it moisturized. Your lips are important so we do prioritize them!


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