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4 Tips on Wearing Tints with Confidence!

Have you ever experienced being diffident and self-doubting because you’re conscious of your look? Or being bothered because everyone stares at you? Conscious of your lip color, or if it is smudged? You’re asking yourself if there’s something wrong with your face, do they match you, or is it ugly? Well, girl, be confident! That is the main ingredient for you to stand out! Don’t be shy to wear the things you like, pull out the style you want, and wear makeup everywhere. Everyone has their styles and yours is unique! But, if you feel a little down, let me enlighten you and lift you! Scroll down below to see some inspiring tips to boost your confidence while wearing lip tint! 

    • Well, the color of your lips should match the color of your skin and undertone, dear! A color that is too dark for you can make a bad impression, while too light and natural color might make you look pale. Choosing your lip color is a statement, dear! It also depends on the occasion you’re going into, or if you want a fierce or subtle look, elegance or simplicity, and parties or in-house only looks. It cycles on your mood along with the seasons.

    • It’s a turn-off for you if you see your lip tints go beyond your vermillion (Lip lines), right? It can be very embarrassing! Well, we have a solution for that. You can use a lip liner, or a concealer to specify your lip lines to avoid smudges. Concealers are often helpful to make your tints have a full pigmented color. Try this, it's effective!

    • If you want to go to a more natural look, why not use your tints, right? Different varieties such as matte, powder finish, and gel tints will save your day! Just one swipe of it and bam! You have a natural-looking lip color that will bring out your beauty! Do you know the thrilling part? You don't have to reapply when you wipe off your lips. That will bring you the confidence that you want to achieve! 

    • If you want to outshine everybody, then do not outdo your look, dear! Simplicity catches the eyes of the people. Imagine you have dark lip tints, dark eyeshadows, and dark blushes, it doesn't look good and appealing, right? Just a touch of powder, mascara, a little bit of blush and eyeshadow, and wearing your lip tint, you’re ready to go!



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