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Lip Tints are the most used lip products in the beauty industry nowadays. We all know it is just used for our lips. Some innovations have been lurking around and we adapt usage of lip tints to our cheeks and eyeshadow. But, there is more that we don’t know! Keep on reading to see the benefits and the other uses of your lip tints to make your makeup routine more time-saving for an everyday look!

  1. BLUSH
  • You can always utilize your tints as your blush! With the lip tints, doable and durable characteristics, the tint will be easy to blend into your skin. The application will be as smooth as cream! The best lip tint to use for your cheeks is the gel type and powder finish because it will blend perfectly, and give you a natural rosy cheek. 

  • Mishka Cosmetics has released multiple colors ranging pink, nudes, and browns. Just like your regular bronzer, brown shade lip tints are very suitable! It will surely make your skin color balanced and highlight every angle of your face!

  • This one is tricky guys! But, yes! Lip Tints can also be used as your eyeliner! The best lip tint to use for this is your premium matte tints because of its high pigment and the capacity to stick to your skin without smudging. Use a small tip brush and explore with it, sis!

  • Many people often do this now since the trend started to boom. The best thing about using your tints as your eyeshadow is that it won’t have any fallout, it will stay on your skin for hours without even retouching, and you will also achieve the monotone look! The pigment of using lip tints as eye shadows will make your eyes pop and noticeable. It will also make your eyes look puffy depending on what look you want to achieve. 

  • Most of the tint shades are pinkish to browns, right? How come it may be used as a concealer? If you have dark circles around your eyes, red tints will surely do the trick! Apply it under your eyes, pat it until it blends, then put on your concealer. In that way, your skin color will look even! You’ll be3 dark circles free! 

What else can our lip tints do to our makeup looks? Comment down below if you have an idea! Connect with us through Instagram and TikTok: @mishkacomseticsph 

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