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5 Truths If You Sleep With Makeup On

Leaving your makeup on when it’s bedtime doesn’t seem to be harmless at all. Aside from makeup leaving marks and stains on your bed sheets and pillows, frequent usage of tons of makeup while sleeping might put you at high risk. I know girls! We all feel guilty when we sleep with our makeup on, but can we blame ourselves for our tiring day? Well, here at Mishka Cosmetics, we found out 7 truths about how leaving makeup can affect you.


Clogs Pores

Girls, wearing too much foundation and powder to your skin will block your pores, especially those who are full coverage. The products will squeeze into your skin as it tries to absorb the product. Oils and chemicals of the foundations will suffocate your pores and may cause clogs due to trapped bacteria.


Your skin needs to breathe, sis! When you don’t remove your makeup at night, your skin will get less oxygen. Irritating and allergy-prone chemicals will stay on your skin for longer. If you leave it at night and skip your usual skincare routine, acne breakouts and pimple will appear. 


Premature Aging

Colorants and chemicals surrounding and building makeup can cause a chemical reaction in your skin. Leaving makeup at night will burn your skin and cause the speed of aging. Our skin protects us and is a barrier to the pollution of the environment, if we don’t take care of it, unwanted changes to our genes will occur. Wrinkles and creases will occur.


Cause infection to your eyes

Wearing eye contact, eyelash extensions, and mascaras are very harmful to our eyes. You know our eyes are very sensitive, right? Optometrists warned us about eye products that use chemicals such as; formaldehyde, heavy metals, and other toxins. You might get an eye infection, inflammation, conjunctivitis, and cause your natural lashes to fall off.


Dry and Chapped Lips

Using lip products, especially lipsticks will not stay on your lips for the day that is why you need to reapply them often, but leaving them when you’re sleeping will absorb the moisture of your lips. We all know lips lack natural oil production, which is the main reason it gets dry faster. You can use lip products like lip tints with moisturizers or lip stain balms that can help your lips be soft and smooth while giving color when you sleep and wake up.


So girls, always remove all the face products you have every night. Do not forget your skincare routine and always be disciplined in making yourself healthy and fresh. If this blog is helpful to you, give us a thumbs up and connect with us through Instagram and TikTok:

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