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5 Tips on Taking Care of Your Lips

I’ll admit it also! Sometimes it is hard to do your skincare routines, especially when we are busy! I can’t even remember the time when I had my nails done. I can’t even remember the last time I took care of my lips. It sounds alarming when you noticed that our lips are chapped and very dry. Are you aware of how to take care of your lips? What is your routine when it comes to it? Do you include your lips when doing your face skin care? If you want to know tips to maintain your natural lips healthily and glowing, scroll down below to see them!

  • Exfoliation is the removal of your dry skin.

  • You can also do that to your lips. What you need to do is get a wet toothbrush or a washcloth and gently brush it to your lips to remove dry and dead skin flakes. Note: Do not do this regularly for it may cause your lip skin irritation and may result in swelling. You can do this once or twice a week. The best day to do this is when you’re at home, relaxed, and won’t go anywhere so that you will have the full results that you want.



  • Unlike the rest of your skin, your lips dry faster than the rest. It dries fast and gets chapped because its skin lacks natural oil, which makes our skin moisturized. The only way to keep our lips healthy is to drink lots of water every day to keep your lips from drying out. Also, avoid licking your lips because it sucks the moisture (It will take years before breaking the habit!).



  • Your lip is also a part of your face. It only means that your lips also receive a lot of sunlight when you are exposed— particularly on the bottom lip. This also means that your lip is prone to spot skin cancers. So always use lip products that have sun protection of SPF 15 and above lip balms, tints, or lipsticks. At night, try to use nighttime cream or balms to protect from nighttime dryness. 



  • Remember: always reapply lip products that have SPF at least every two hours to protect your lip skin from drying out especially after drinking or eating. Always have that in your pocket! 



  • Make sure to look for a product that has been awarded The Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation. This is only awarded to sun-protection products that have met the standards of the Photobiology Committee. These products will give you amazing effects. 


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