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Hi, there girls! Having a hard time trying and figuring out new trends? Well, this is the one for you! We are bound to women using glossy and creamy options in terms of tints and lipstick textures. Trust me, girl, it is not! If you lurk into the world of social media, a new lip trend has already surfaced and all you have to do is try it! You can use that, no matter your age! This is called “The Velvet Lips.” What is this? This is the perfect luxurious beauty trend that you can achieve by using budget-friendly lip products, sis! 

How to achieve a look with velvet lips? Keep on reading, sis! 


Start to moisturize your face and lips. Put on your foundation to minimize the dark spots and also your concealer to hide dark circles. Once you are finished finishing it up, make sure that it is all blended and that there are no patches and uneven colors on your face. 

STEP 2: 

For your eyeshadow and blush, a monotone look will give your lips the highlight! Try our very own Mishka Cosmetics Lip Tints here, to see shades that suit your skin tone! Our tints are clinically tested and proven to have a moisturizing effect on your lips and skin. You can use that on your eyes and cheeks as well. Try that now! 


For your lips, which are the highlight and main event for your makeup, hydrate and prime your lips with a moisturizing balm or your favorite moisturizer. I recommend you use a moisturizer that has sun protection on it so that you are away from the harm of the sunlight. The balm will serve as your base for the velvet lips.


For the main part, use your matte tints with the shade that you are fond of. Try our very own Mishka Cosmetics Matte Tints! Click here! Try using two different shades for your lips. One for the outer part and the other for the center part of your lips to create an illusion. 


To make your lips velvety, use a powder blush or eyeshadow and gently tap it to your lips to create that velvety effect. It is much advisable to use shades that will result in a magenta-like color and pigment. If you want darker velvet lips, I advise using darker shades of red to achieve this! 



And there you have it, sis! You are now ready to go outside with your velvet lips. It will certainly be the highlight of your day and will make people turn to your beauty. 
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