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How do contour lips by using Lip Tints? Well, just keep reading and we will show you how! 3D lip looks have been all over the social media platforms and we are always seeing them from famous celebrities. It gives a sexy punch from nude lip tint colors. It looks like it is hard to do because of the layers you see on the internet as well as in celebrity pictures.  But, the truth is, it is very simple! Just follow the steps and you’ll get a remarkable result. The best is, using lip tints that are long-lasting and very doable in every aspect, it will give you a long-lasting look without even worrying to reapply! No worries! Here’s how to get the contoured lip look!


  • Just like doing your regular makeup, apply your eyeliner on the outer part of the outer line of your lips, also called vermillion, with a warm brown tone of shade, you can use either the lip liner or lip tint. If you use lip tint, make sure to get a tiny brush so that it won't smudge! After putting the liner, try to buff the edges softly so that the line is diffused and not edgy. 


  • Why start with the dark shades? It is because of this. Apply the lip tint or lipstick all over your lips, but concentrate the color and the pigment on the outer corners of your upper lip and lower lip, but do not overline it to your lip liners. Try to use this technique, Apply more product to the outer part of your upper and lower lip, then put a little product to the inner part of your upper and lower lip to create that ombre look. 


  • Apply a light pink lipstick or lip tint, depending on your mood, to the center of your lips. Put on some product in the center, and try using sponges or beauty blenders to diffuse it throughout your lip. You can also use your fingers if you are more comfortable. The reason we need to diffuse it is so that the shades of the lipsticks are blended, no line of demarcation, and your lips will appear plump and full! 

It is easy, right? Try to do a contour lip look using our very own Mishka Cosmetics Lip Tints! Click here.
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